Emerging Technology programs are intensive bachelor of arts degrees designed to prepare students for the competitive and lucrative field of entrepreneurial media. People who enter these programs join a family of students, staff, and faculty dedicated to using advanced technology to build new business opportunities in the field of digital communication. The main reason why students join an emerging media program is they get hands-on experience from their first-year on campus, that experience consists of real-world entrepreneurial projects which challenge every team member to produce resume-ready work, and all of the work students produce is "in the public eye" helping build their professional reputation even before they graduate.

My name is Steve Jackson, and I am a professor of Emerging Media at Franklin Pierce University. My goal is to not simply teach you to write a digital, interactive book, but to get your book published in a venue where you can earn money from your efforts even as you attend classes. Students working with me do not simply study filmmaking in the abstract, we invite actual filmmakers to campus, assist them in raising money for their projects, then integrate students into the filmmaker's crew. I encourage graduates of programs I teach with to have four or more real-world publication experiences before they graduate. These experiences could be an interactive digital game, a social media fundraising effort in support of a movie, a regional television series on veterans affairs, a guidbook to politics, or really, anything at all.


About my Experience

In the early 1990s Franklin Pierce, then a college, began to seriously explore the ramifications of digital media and how it would effect students intent on working in the field of mass communications. The faculty at the time were innovators in educating students to work in a changing world of technology. Professor Paul Bush was one of the first faculty to teach integrated digital newsrooms in the United States, Professor Ray Oakes encouraged students to design and build their own studio and was an important part of bringing the campus its first nonlinear editor. At the same time faculty from other areas such as Richard Block, a graphic design professor, helped students combine traditional graphic designs with media production. The result was production program that was ahead of its time in teaching web design, digital video editing, and advanced news gathering techniques. It was inside of this program that I earned a bachelor's of science, and to which I have returned twenty-years later.

In the years since I left Franklin Pierce University I have worked as a filmmaker, a senior producer for the Department of Justice Office of Legal Education, a higher education consultant in program development and emerging media, a robotics engineer, a game designer, and an author. The key to my success has been to maintain a strong connection to technology and to be constantly reinventing myself.

When I was offered the position at Franklin Pierce University, I realized I was joining a great team of academics and professionals. I will be working with Dr. Kerry McKeever, Dean of the Undergraduate College at Rindge, and assisted by Dr. Kristen Nevious, the head of the nationally recognized Marlin Fitzwater Center, Professor Gary Heald, and alumni of Franklin Pierce and expert on digital networking, and Professor Heather Tullio, long-time production professor at the University, to offer students an unparalleled learning experience.


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The Motto of the Emerging Major is not Just a Slogan

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